Warning: This fan-fiction involving Emily Cartridge is not considered within the continuity of the Emily Cartridge universe and is considered non-canonical.

Epic Rap Battles 3: Emily Cartridge VS Napoleon Bonaparte is a fan-fiction revolving around Emily Cartridge rap battling against the emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte. The fanfiction recieved extremely poor reactions from fan-fiction writers. The fan-fiction was first posted on the Gumbapedia Fanon Wiki on November 22, 2011 by wikia contributor Xuelius Monosrove.


Physcopath Emily Cartidge goes-up against Napoleon Bonaparte in the third installment of the Epic Rap Battles








Emily Cartridge:

Gosh, I can't believ how mouch of a little stooge you are.

When it comes to world leaders, you definatley lowered the bar.

I'll rip your bones apart Bonaparte - turn your horse into glue.

Welcome to the Battle of Waterloo PART TWO!

I got skills - I'll put you in half like I would've done to Penny Peanut.

Your the ugliest thing that's ever failed since that T-Rex named Tina!

France can keep it's french fries,

we've got tater tots you gnomes!

You know what Napoleon?

Go crawl into your little shell - and escargot the heck home!

Napoleon Bonaparte:

How dare you adress moi,

you adolescent worm!

I am French - your just a girl out of norm!

I spit at you harder than a llama,

smacking your face till your lips curl-up like what they do to pandas!

Doodle-up some friends you insane freak show before I kick your ass out of the mountain like the dreams of Uncle Rico!

This jerk's about to see how bad a battle can be -

after this your buddy Gumball will be sticking with me!

Emily Cartridge:

Why do you freaking exile yourself on your little island and hide?

Cause this is a rap roller coaster - you not even tall enough to ride!

I don't even care how many stupid people you've killed, cause to me -

you're couldn't even be the emperor of the lollipop guild!

Napoleon Bonaparte:


T'as une tete a faire sauter les plaques d'egouts!

I'm gonna shove my big boots right-up your poop shoot!

I'll whip you so bad you'll make a virgin meringue!

Your the only type of Cartridge that's never going to bang!

Who won?

Who's next?


Emily Cartridge Is Owned By GumbalFan2

Epic Raps of History Copyrighted 2010 by NicePeter (

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